New Features Trailer Released for F1 2021

Today, Codemasters and EA have released a new Features Trailer that breaks down what players can expect in F1 2021. The new narrative-driven feature Braking Point takes center stage as players will rise from the ranks of F2 to begin their journey to F1 with one of five 2021 Formula One teams. This will feature a combination of on and off the track moments through dramatic cut scenes and in-game action. The story takes place over the course of three seasons as it reflects real life events with dynamic options.

“F1 2021 is a tour de force offering something for every type of racing fan,” said Lee Mather, Franchise Game Director at Codemasters. “The Features trailer gives an insight into all the exciting innovations that await our players. Whether they want to experience their F1 story in Braking Point or compete with and against friends, F1 2021 is lights-out, the ultimate next-generation racing experience.”

Some new multiplayer options have been added to F1 2021 beginning with the two-player Career Mode. Players have the option to suit up for the same team or race head-to-head as rival teams while seeking out a championship. For more casual racing, two player split-screen returns for competitive couch play. F1 2021 will also included boosted visuals from the latest consoles on the market.

Lastly, My Team will feature real world stat updates throughout the season for drivers. If you pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition, you will get seven legendary drivers for the team. This will include customization content, the Braking Point Content Pack, 18,000 Pit Coins and three days early access. F1 2021 will launch on July 16 for all platforms. Check out the trailer below.