New Gameplay Trailer for The Surge Features New Weapons, Enemies

Deck13, the team behind last year’s Souls-like Lords of the Fallen, have debuted a new slice of gameplay from their next project, a sci-fi RPG called The Surge.

The Surge also seems to draw a lot of inspiration from From Software’s difficult RPG trilogy, but its distinct sci-fi atmosphere has some pretty unique effects that both the player and enemies can take advantage of. In addition, as shown off in the trailer below, mechanics such as the slow-motion executions and limb-cutting system add some flair to the third-person combat, although that doesn’t mean one will be able to survive any easier. Deck13 also promises “limitless armament combinations”, meaning that players will have plenty of tools at their disposal to survive the hostile CREO Complex.

The Surge is currently slated for release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime next year.