New Headlander Gameplay Trailer Brings the Funk

During E3, we took a look at the gameplay demo for the ’70s sci-fi-themed metroidvania game Headlander and how it wowed us quite a bit, relaying our impressions back to the rest of you. But seeing the game in action is better than hearing about it, so luckily Adult Swim Games and Double Fine have whipped up a new three-minute gameplay trailer that you can check out below, with a good chunk of the action coming from the demo.

The new trailer also shows us some hints at what else we can expect, such as new bodies to control from centaurs to one-wheeled devices, additional powers such as slo-mo and dashing with psychedelic twists, chess-themed floating heads to provide boss battles, and even more intense gunfights than we saw in the E3 demo. Combine all of that with everything we’ve experienced so far, and it’s safe to say that Headlander may be one of this Summer’s most pleasant surprises. Headlander still has a pending release window of late July, so hopefully we’ll have a review ready sometime in the next month.