New Hunter ‘Jack’ Now Available for Evolve, Watch Him in Action

2K and Turtle Rock Studios announced today that Jack, a new Trapper class Hunter, is now available for Evolve. Jack is available now for those who own Evolve Hunting Season 2 and will be available later today for individual purchase.

Jack, who refers to himself as The Jackal, joins the Evolve lineup with an all-new set of abilities and weapons. Jack dual-wields pistols, tracks and traps the Monster with a hacked Survey Satellite that locates enemies, and uses his Repulsor gloves to stop Monsters in their tracks.

Murder Pits, a free new map featuring a giant pit-fighting stadium designed exclusively for Arena Mode, is also available today. Each arena on the map presents a different, unique challenge to players.

Read our Evolve review here and to see Jack in action, check out the official Let’s Play and screenshots below: