New Intellivision Amico Trailer Unveiled

2021 is shaping up to be an exciting year of new hardware. With the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles still being in short supply, we have seen other new hardware emerge while those remain in a tough spot – including the Atari VCS, which just hit store shelves and the upcoming Intellivision Amico. Headed up by Tommy Tallarico, the revamped Intellivision’s goal is to bring family and friends together with gaming.

They want to reach the gamers who wouldn’t call themselves gamers – much like the Wii did almost 15 years ago, and their unique controller is one way to do so. The controller looks like an MP3 player, only with a circular pad on the bottom and a large screen up top and lights all around. The lights can give players that need it a tip in a game, while also helping to create a more fun, relaxed vibe with lights everywhere.

There are a variety of games set for release, including fast-paced baseball game, fun shooters, platformers, and even a new Earthworm Jim game exclusively on the device. As time goes on, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the Amico because it looks like it has the potential to help make gaming more approachable than it’s been in recent years – and it never hurts to have more hardware options out there. The fact that it will have its own exclusives is noteworthy, and the unique controller design enables games to be crafted around it in ways that couldn’t be done on other consoles.

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