New Japanese Tri Force Heroes Commercials Feature Shouting and Men in Floppy Hats

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is due for release later this month, and Nintendo is stepping up its marketing for the cooperative 3DS title with a pair of Japanese trailers featuring cosplaying menĀ and a whole lot of shouting. Tri Force Heroes, which allows players to team up in groups of three to conquer 32 unique dungeons, emphasizes cooperative play more than any Zelda game before it, challenging players to utilize their unique abilities in tandem to work together towards success. That doesn’t have to mean getting on each other’s shoulders and wearing fashionable tunics, but it sure can.

As is often the case, Nintendo is emphasizing Tri Force Heroes’ local multiplayer appeal in these new trailers, but players will also be able to play with friends online, albeit without voice chat. The game is set to launch exclusively on 3DS on October 23.