New JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Story Digest Trailer Released

Those of you who are fans of the anime/manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure will be pleased to hear that the long anticipated second installment to the video game franchise has a trailer.  Similar to the previous game, All-Star Battle, Eyes of Heaven is a 3D action brawler that incorporates tag-team elements.  The game is being developed by CyberConnect2 who have developed other Shonen Jump games like the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series and because of this, it is safe to assume that the game will be heavy on combo styles and air to air combat.

The game will also be dividing the characters into the differing fighting styles of the series, like All-Star Battle did, and will be including the new styles Ogre Street Technique used by Robert E.O. Speedwagon and German Science used by Rudol von Stroheim.

As of now, the game will only be released on Japan on December 17 for PS3 and PS4 with no news of a western release any time soon.

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Check out the trailer for Eyes of Heaven below: