New Lengthy Dynasty Warriors 8 Trailer

I don’t know about you, but Dynasty Warriors 8 is one of my most anticipated games this year. It’s one of those franchises that, while can be a bit repetitive, has some great set pieces and plentiful character designs. It may stem from my enjoyment of collecting hundreds of characters to build a personal army, but also my fascination with East Asian culture certainly plays a role. In any case, Tecmo Koei Japan has released a lengthy trailer, showcasing a number of new features and techniques — many viewers probably won’t understand because it’s in Japanese.

While Dynasty Warriors 8 doesn’t have an official release window in the West, an educated guess would put a localization sometime between summer and fall — or at least I pray it’ll make by year’s end. Hopefully after this Omega Force will start developing for the next generation of consoles. Just image hundreds, if not thousands of detailed characters on screen; now that’s something to drool over.