New Map, Live Event Coming to Hunt: Showdown

In response to the success of Hunt: Showdowns most recent live event, “As The Crow Flies,” Crytek has announced that more content is on the way for the game. Among the promised new additions are a new map and a mysterious new live event. Crytek really offer any details beyond the fact that this content exists, but they did release a new trailer which gives players a brief glimpse at what’s coming down the pike for Hunt: Showdown.

While it’s not entirely clear exactly what kind of location the new map will be set in, there are a  few interesting location here. It seems that this new map still takes place somewhere in the rural South. Perhaps in a ruined town of some sort. The dilapidated gazebo at the very tail-end of the video hints at this. It also looks like the map has an underground element to it due to the brief shootout shown in what looks like a mine shaft. It seems least one new hunter will be joining the roster: the native american seen about midway through. The game has been growing steadily since launch, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see even more content introduced to the game in the near future.

Hunt: Showdown is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One