New Overwatch Animated Short ‘The Last Bastion’ Released

It was announced last week that the new animated short for Overwatch would be premiering at Gamescom today, and now that the show’s attendees have had a chance to glimpse it, it has been released to the public for all to enjoy. Titled “The Last Bastion,” the new short (which you can view below, naturally) focuses on the titular robot’s origins and their reawakening prior to the game, having to explore their current forest where they were left behind.

Uniquely, unlike the previous Overwatch shorts, “The Last Bastion” is completely dialogue-free. While is sure to invite more than a few WALL-E comparisons from some folks, it does have one thing in common with Pixar’s masterpiece in that you will end up holding back the tears by the end (if not letting them loose). Much like the other shorts, it’s both terrific on its own and as a companion to the game that helps act as world-building, so make sure to check it out.