New Overwatch Character ‘Sombra’ Officially Announced, Given Animated Short

After weeks of rumors, leaks and fans tearing through every piece of marketing a released by Blizzard, the developer has finally revealed the highly anticipated addition to Overwatch’s cast.

Sombra, who will be available to play next week on Overwatch’s PC test servers, was officially revealed today at BlizzCon with a full animated short titled, Infiltration, which appears to showcase some of the hacker’s moves and abilities as well as he narrative significance in the world of Overwatch.

A new mode called Arcade, which features 1v1 and 3v3 arena style gameplay, as well as a new map called, Oasis, were also announced. Arcade is set to go live on the test servers next week, while Oasis is due out in December.

Check outage characters abilities here as well the animated short below and origin story below:

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