New Overwatch Character, Wrecking Ball, Revealed

The champion has indeed arrived. Hammond, aka Wrecking Ball, is officially the next character to join the Overwatch roster, according to a few new Tweets from the official Overwatch account.

First we got the short video below, just reading, “The champion revealed,” with Hammond rolling in and popping out of his mech for a quick chuckle. But that’s not all Blizzard had for us today.

Just a few hours later, Wrecking Ball got his own origin story video and is now live in the PTR for PC players to test out. In the video, we learn that Hammond was another enhanced animal from the Lunar Colony that escaped back to Earth. Apparently, he was a troublemaker and left the Moon on a makeshift rocket/escape pod. He landed in Austrailia, where he became the champion of a Thunder-Dome-esque arena known as the Scrapyard using his modified escape pod. A quick look at the mysterious Queen of Junkertown is seen in the origin story as well.

If Wrecking Ball is anything like the other characters introduced post-launch, he will spend a few weeks in the PTR before releasing to the general public. If they want the little guy to be available in competitive play for Season 11, they would need to act fast, as the new season begins in just two days. So it seems unlikely.

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