New Pokémon Snap Announced, Teaser Trailer Released

Nintendo 64 had one of the most unique Pokémon experiences that couldn’t be found anyplace else. Pokémon Snap allowed you to travel through various environments taking photographs of different Pokémon. It’s been something many fans wanted to come back and now it’s finally happening all these years later.

During a brief presentation, New Pokémon Snap was revealed for Nintendo Switch. We see some of the same features return such as tossing fruit to attract them for a closer shot. You are also still in a vehicle roaming along a set path. The biggest change immediately noticed is how beautiful the graphics and scenery has become. You will be able to capture very picturesque moments of Pokémon with the updated design. We also have a cool stand-off between Dodrio and Torterra, which means there are probably more encounters to find. The mixing of generations is welcomed but we are curious to find out if all Pokémon will be included. The chances are low as the original title didn’t feature all 151 from Kanto.

Since Pokémon Snap has entered a new era, perhaps there will be mobile phone implementations and Nintendo Labo support. We will have to wait for more information but take a look at the gorgeous teaser below and stay tuned.