New Resident Evil 6 Gameplay Shown

The highly anticipated sixth game into the Resident Evil franchise is shaping up nicely, and during Capcom’s Summer Jam event, the company displayed some new gameplay footage from Leon S. Kennedy’s campaign. The footage shows Leon and Helena Harper battling through waves of the undead in an active train tunnel. Beware of the oncoming trains as it’s game over if you’re hit, but don’t forget about the swarms of undead who are trying to tear at your neck.

The horror aspect seems to be very┬áprevalent this time through as even watching the video i felt a sense of uneasiness. Watching shadows lingering down the tunnel only for them to go into full sprint and swarm you is scarier than the monster closet jump scares we’ve come to love from the older games. It certainly has more tense and “oh s**t” moments than ever before, but watch the video for yourself and determine if Capcom has finally made a successor worthy of the Resident Evil name.