New Street Fighter V Stage Revealed, New Character Announcement Incoming

A colorful Brazilian stage was announced for Street Fighter V yesterday at the WB Games Summit 2015. Capcom released a video message for the event attendees which featured Executive Producer Yoshinori Ono and presented a tidbit of gameplay showcasing a work-in-progress stage set in Brazil. The video then goes on to not-so-subtly hint at the reveal of Street Fighter V’s version of Blanka, a Street Fighter series staple who is native to Brazil.

Yoshinori Ono and Associate Producer Peter Rosas will preside over the official announcement for this new character at this year’s Brasil Game Show, the largest video game show in Latin America. Brasil Game Show will also host the Brazilian Premier Tournament event for the Capcom Pro Tour. For the uninitiated, the Capcom Pro Tour is an international league for fighting games that currently focuses primarily on Ultra Street Fighter IV. It boils down to a yearlong tournament circuit where players around the world will compete for one of 32 spots in the Capcom Cup. There are two main ways to get a spot in the Capcom Cup: either win enough points to get a top spot on the leaderboards via good performance and participation in Capcom-approved tournaments like EVO, or win one of the “Premier Tournaments” like the one going down at the Brasil Game Show. The previous year’s Capcom Cup champion will automatically be reserved a spot.

People interested in participating in the Capcom Pro Tour can register online at the Capcom Pro Tour official website. For those interested in participating in Street Fighter V’s first online beta, access will be given to players who pre-order the game through the PlayStation Network, while Brazilian players may also gain access by pre-purchasing through select online retailers. The initial Street Fighter V beta program will run for five days, from July 23 to July 28, exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Brasil Game Show will run from October 8 through October 12 in São Paulo, ticket information and purchase is available on the official site. To see Yoshinori’s enthusiastic reveal video of the new stage and tease of the new Street Fighter V character leading up to Brasil Game Show, see below. For more on Street Fighter V, check out our E3 preview here.