New Visuals, Features Shown for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on PS5

Earlier this month, Square Enix gave the basic breakdown of what fans can expect to see in Final Fantasy VII Integrade on PS5. As was to be expected, the PS5 version of the game will feature enhanced performance, lighting and textures as well as the option to prioritize either performance or visuals. A new Photo Mode is also being implemented so fans can enjoy capturing their favorite moments. Of course, talking about improvements is one thing; showing them is another, and today Sqaure Enix finally released some footage showing what all of this will actually look like.

There’s also a new “Normal (Classic) ” difficulty mode, which will hopefully allow fans to enjoy the game the old-fashioned way without removing all of the challenge. Out of all of this though, the star feature of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is still the new side story featuring Yuffie, the Wutai ninja who’s actually making her first appearance a bit earlier than in the original Final Fantasy VII.

Fans will likely be happy to hear that they won’t have to pay any extra for this, as current owners of the PS4 version can acquire it on PS5 for free. They can even transfer their save data. There is a slight catch to this however: PS Plus members who download the free version of the game on PS4 cannot get the PS5 upgrade for free; they’ll have to pay for it.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade launches for PlayStation 5 on June 10.

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