New Yo-Kai Watch 3 Video Showcases Vehicle Sections

Much like Pokémon Sun and Moon, Yo-Kai Watch 3 is a sequel to popular 3DS game about collecting monsters whose latest installment takes place in America. And to add on another similarity, both of these games will feature elements with a focus on vehicles in one way or another. With Yo-Kai Watch 3, though, we get to have our first good look at some of the game’s vehicle segments, as seen in the video below.

So as Yo-Kai Watch t3 takes place in the United States, it’s appropriate that each section has a little American flair to it. You can go river rafting like Huckleberry Finn, ride a horse around in a Western landscape, take a shopping cart to pick up what looks like a Dr. Pepper expy, and, um, commandeer a naval vehicle of sorts to battle giant three-headed kaiju-like monsters…okay, that’s more related to Japan, so the theme sort of falls apart there. But it all definitely looks like it could be fun, so while us in the West still wait for Yo-Kai Watch 2 later this year, here’s hoping Japan has a blast with Yo-Kai Watch 3 when it comes out next week on July 16.