Newest Tekken 7 Character to Appear at the King of Iron Fist Tournament

Bandai Namco has put out a very brief teaser for Tekken 7’s next DLC character. Speculation as to who it would be has been all over the place, with many fans hoping that the Yakuza series’ Kiryu would be next addition. Indeed, Kiryu may still have a chance to bring the heat to Tekken, but he wasn’t the character teased during Saturday’s Japan Fighting Game Publisher Roundtable #2. Instead, it looks like a Polish prime minister will be joining the fray.

This is an entirely new character for the Tekken series, and it looks Bandai Namco is planning on keeping details under wraps for a little while longer. More info is of course coming, but fans will likely have to wait until the King of Iron Fist Tournament this spring for this new character to make he next appearance.