Newly-Formed Publisher Graffiti Games Releasing Three Games for 2018

One of the newest faces to the growing roster of game publishers centered primarily around the smaller/non-AAA releases, Graffiti Games, has today announced it plans to kick off its first year of activity by releasing three games for 2018 — one of which is an as-yet-unannounced new project from 13AM Games whom, for anyone with a Wii U, some may recall as the studio behind the acclaimed rhythm-based, co-op platformer Runbow.

The publisher’s two other titles though will take the form of Joggernauts by Space Mace Games — a co-op auto-runner where up to four players take turns to lead a team through an array of color-coded platforming levels — as well as Serenity Forge’s The King’s Bird, which you can check out in the brief trailer below. The latter being a slightly more open platformer set against a vibrantly minimalistic world where the aim looks to be the unfiltered joy of jumping, running, a little flying on occasion and even more jumping. Both games are planned to release across multiple platforms.