Nicalis to Publish Interactive Music Experience on Steam, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR

Harmonix is not the only company getting their feet wet in the world of musical virtual reality experiences, as Nicalis is planning on publishing the psychedelic Dimensional Intersection on Steam, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR this fall.

The independent publisher, perhaps best known for publishing The Binding of Isaac, revealed that Dimensional Intersection, which is being billed as an experience with gameplay rather than a full-on game, will heavily rely on the combination of visuals and audio to create a trance-like state in the player. Swedish studio DNV is at the helm of this project, which will feature music from the likes of Soulacybin, Land Switcher and MONS. If you’ve ever wanted to transform your entire world into a music visualizer, then this is likely going to be your best bet.

Because of how vague any description of Dimensional Intersection winds up being, perhaps it’s best to leave it up to Nicalis to boil down this bizarre title into a single sentence:

Dimensional Intersections meditative gameplay syncs with the music and creates surreal environments that continuously morph and evolve over time, with a grand sense of scale in a physics-driven world.

There are quite a few virtual reality projects out there seemingly intent on simulating a psychedelic experience, with Robin Arnott’s SoundSelf notably being directly inspired by an LSD-fueled experience at Burning Man. For more information on all things virtual reality, stay tuned to Hardcore Gamer throughout the coming months.