Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition Trailer Released Alongside Scene of the Crime Video and Documentary

The early ’90s and the emergence of CD-based gaming technology led to a ton of FMV games – but the game that drew more controversy than any other wasn’t really designed to be a game in the first place. As a new documentary put together by My Life in Gaming touches on, they were originally planned to be minimally-involved movies and not so much games – akin to Dragon’s Lair, but with live action instead of animation. The first proof of concept made to Hasbro, who was originally going to fund a NEMO pseudo-console, was Scene of the Crime – shown off here.

Your goal is to use the Absolutely Not an Atari 2600 Joystick to control the cameras and figure out who steals the rich guy’s money. It’s a simple concept and yet one that never actually came to be as a game. The full footage hasn’t been seen publicly, but bits were used in the documentary and in this trailer – and the full video will be viewable in the 25th Anniversary of Night Trap when that launches on August 15 digitally on PC and the PS4 and on August 15 when the LimitedRunGames versions ship out.

As someone who grew up with these games as the cutting-edge in video quality and immersion, it will be interesting to actually play Night Trap for the first time. The updated version will include an all-new interface as well as an option for the Sega CD interface or a 3DO interface. The footage is also taken from the surviving master tapes – which are in as pristine a condition as can be since the true masters were lost as was the source code. This made the one-man team at Screaming Villains’ job a bit harder – but he rebuilt it as best he could. The whole project just came about as a way to kill time between paying gigs, where he made an Android port in short order, and then everything came together to create the version we’ll have playable in under three weeks. The game that helped spur on game ratings and even had a Senate hearing about it will be enjoyed by an entirely new generation of fans – many of whom weren’t even alive when the game was originally released.