Nihilistic Retro Action Game Nongünz Available Now

Well, we’ve all known for a while now that procedurally-generated roguelike games tend to invoke the feelings of crushing defeat and despair through their insane difficulties at times, but now developers Brainwash Games have taken it to an extreme with Nongünz, a 2D action platformer described as a nihilistic retro roguelike that is “a puzzle in itself, a secret to be discovered.” It also appears to be the debut by indie publisher Sindiecate Arts, and and it looks like they may have indeed started with something promising.

Playing as a reaper-like creature with a goat skull for a head, your goal is to battle your way through mounds of randomized dungeons in order to build up a following of cultists and lost souls at your graveyard base, which will provide benefits such as shops and shortcuts as time goes on. Standing out with its minimal color scheme and highly detailed sprites and backgrounds (as seen in the launch trailer below), Nongünz also lists some its influences as Gonner, The Seventh Seal, and Cookie Clicker, and the result appears to be quite the intriguing action-packed romp that is now available on Steam, so consider taking a look at it the next time you crave something more dark.