Nintendo Announces Indie World

Nintendo has been incorporating indie games into their console titles for a little bit now. Many have done well with the company which means they are more than welcomed. Nintendo just announced Indie World a new show dedicated to showing off various indie games for the Switch.

A pair of pixelated pals, Boku and Soe Jima, host the show. In this quite lengthy video they discuss some of the games that have been released or are coming to the console in Japan. Yooka-Laylee, Celeste, Undertale and Stardew Valley are some examples. There are also others we’ve gotten little to no information on such at least when it comes to a Switch release. Some are already available via other platforms. Guns, Gore & Cannoli, Nippon Marathon and 7 Billion Humans are just a couple.

Visit the Japanese Nintendo YouTube channel to check them out individually or watch the video below for the entire showing. This seems to be the start of the new series which should give plenty of exposure to many upcoming video games.