Nintendo Announces Switch Online December 2020 Game Updates

The Nintendo Switch Online service has been highly-regarded for offering up portable playback for a slew of classic NES and SNES games, and Nintendo announced today that we’ll get a new handful of games to enjoy soon on the platform. The NES side of the ledger features Nightshade – a Konami release under their Ultra Games label. This point and click-style adventure was something unique for the platform and as a latter-day release on the hardware, never quite saw much in the way of popularity despite getting high marks during its time and after.

The SNES lineup is more loaded, with Donkey Kong Country 3, The Ignition Factor, Super Valis IV, and Tuff E Nuff joining the fray. DKC 3 is an absolute classic and while it’s the least-top tier of the original trilogy, it still looks and plays great today and was Nintendo and Rare’s swan song for the SNES. The Ignition Factor and Tuff E Nuff come from Jaleco, with the latter being known for its ridiculous name and cover and the the former being one of the best firefighting experiences you enjoy in a game at that time.

Tuff E Nuff is a bog-standard 2D fighter and did nothing special, but its title helped it gain a level of infamy. The Ignition Factor has been re-released on several third-party mini consoles and was a natural choice for this service, and was a game that I always loved playing on the SNES due to how you had a nice blend of action and strategy within the framework of a firefighting adventure. Super Valis IV came from Sunsoft’s purchase of Telenet and was the final release of that series in North America. It’s an action-platformer with a a few downgrades from the PC Super-CD version, but nonetheless does what it can to offer a good time. If you haven’t enjoyed the series before, then it’s a solid starting point – but not the peak of the franchise. DKC 3 may steal the show this month, but I can see Nightshade and The Ignition Factor gaining new fans thanks to being released on this service on December 18.