Nintendo eShop Gets A Bit Brighter With Soon Shine

The Nintendo eShop seems to have no shortage of games where you need to tap each and everything you see with your stylus. I mean, both the Wii U and the 3DS have a touch screen. What are game developers going to do, not make you tap on stuff? One of the upcoming games for the Wii U looks to give you all the tapping you can handle and then more. The game is called Soon Shine, and will release hordes of mischievous spirits upon you that can only be fought off by the power of the sun and the moon. And the tapping. Oh so much tapping.

You can flip between the sun and the moon icon, and doing so will halt the progress of certain spirits. And to stop the spirits you will have to tap them. To death. Double death, I guess, since they are already spirits. Soon Shine will have a mid August release, so stretch your fingers by then and check out the launch trailer below.