Nuclear Throne, The Bit Trip Saga, and Bastion on PS4 and Vita Today

You can’t have a PlayStation Experience without goodies for the people at home, and today’s keynote revealed the surprise launch of a trio of games coming out today.  The Bit Trip Saga is all six Bit Trip games in one collection, while Bastion hits Vita today (cheap at $2.99!) with cross-buy from the previously-released PS4 edition.  The newest announcement is Nuclear Throne, though, which is still in Early Access on Steam (-Update-  Oh no it’s not!  As of today the game is officially out of Early Access.  Surprise!) but has been an incredible ride week in and week out as it gets constantly updated and tweaked.  It’s a bit early to say how the regular weekly changes will be reflected in the PS4/Vita Nuclear Throne, but I can say from personal experience that, if Vlambeer put a bow on it and called the game Done any time in the last several months, I’d never have known there was more work left to do.  Check all three out on the PSN marketplace today.