Octahedron’s Trailer Reveals a Neon-Shiny Trance Music Rhythm Platformer

If there’s a truism in gaming it’s that, skillfully applied, music improves any genre.  Octahedron uses music in an attempt to create a beat-driven platformer where enemies and other level features move in tune to the audio, making your octahedron-headed hero basically dance its way through each of the 50 levels.  The game’s Greenlight page goes over the basics, and the trailer shows off a good number of the abilities you’ll earn on the escape from the strangely-named underworld of Veetragoul.  Octahedron’s main gameplay hook is the ability is to create platforms in mid-air, but you’ll also gain the power to have them shoot a force wave straight down when you jump off.  Levels are designed around this ability, using it for both offense and to solve puzzles while the scenery pulses with light and the soundtrack pushes you along.  The hardcore platformer will be made just a bit easier by moving at a solid 60FPS, and even when you complete a level you might want to improve your ranking by re-beating it using as few user-created platforms as possible.  Octahedron is looking like a nicely arcade-style platformer challenge, and if the trailer is anything to go by it should be worth checking out for the soundtrack alone.