Octopath Traveler Confirmed for Releasing This July

The “Project” title has finally been dropped, which means that Square Enix’s upcoming “HD-2D” JRPG is finally ready to roll on out with the release date for this intriguing title finally confirmed as July 13. In the latest trailer shown off during today’s Nintendo Direct, we were introduced to two more characters who make up the eight primary adventurers with which the game’s story revolves around. There’s Tressa the Merchant, whose own unique ability is, unsurprisingly, purchasing items as well as Alfyn, an apothecary whose own path action, inquire, allows him to gain additional intel from NPC’s.

As well as some additional gameplay, Square Enix also unveiled a physical special edition for the game which includes a novel pop-up book featuring the eight main characters, a map detailing the world of Octopath Traveler, a sound selection CD and a replica coin modelled after the fictional in-game currency. The special edition will be available the same day as the stand-alone game itself. You can see the two new characters in action in the latest gameplay trailer below.