One Piece: World Seeker Shows Off the World of Jail Island

In the Straw Hat’s next adventure from Bandai Namco comes One Piece: World Seeker and with a new trailer released today comes an up-close look at Jail Island with many familiar faces.

Taking on the role of Luffy players will freely be able to explore Jail Island in this exciting new adventure for the Straw Hat pirates encountering friend and foe alike. Jail Island is home to many cultures that usually clash in One Piece but have found co-existence together on the dubiously named Jail Island. One Piece fans won’t be disappointed with the full arsenal of Luffy’s signature moves at their fingertips taking control of the “Gum Gum Devil Fruit”.

With One Piece: World Seeker players will discover the story behind institutions created by the World Government along with the Marines that ruthlessly chase the Straw Hats through the Grand Line and back.

Get ready for One Piece: World Seeker to release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One with no official release date as of yet. Doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this trailer below though:


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