Overcoming Personal Shortcomings in Tiny Hands Adventure Launch Trailer

It’s easy to make fun of the mighty tyrannosaurus rex.  While huge and deadly beyond all belief, those stubby little arms don’t seem to do them much good.  Maybe they had uses but, barring a time machine, there’s no way to know what those could possibly have been.  Tiny Hands Adventure tackles this issue with a trucker-hat-wearing dino named Borti who’s out to find the best tools possible to extend his reach.  Maybe he wants to get an item off a shelf, juggle, run for dino-President, or even scratch his nose, but the arms he was born with don’t cut it and there’s a whole world of devices out there to fix this problem.

Beyond the entertainingly silly premise is a platformer very clearly inspired by Crash Bandicoot, complete with crates to smash open and even a “running towards the screen” level.  It’s got some obvious issues with a wonky character design (that hat, ugh) and the impact from landing a hit on crate or enemy is basically nonexistent, but the platforming looks decent and it’s nice to see a game that isn’t about saving the world.  Tiny Hands Adventure launches on PC on the insanely packed date of July 17 (alongside Tempest 4000, Mothergunship, Mugsters, and who knows what else) with all three consoles getting a version later this year.  Check out the launch trailer to see the little blue dino in action.

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