Overwatch Coming to Nintendo Switch October 15

It’s been long-rumored, especially after the announcement of a Switch case bearing its branding – but Overwatch is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch. Starting off the September 4 Nintendo Direct was a trailer showcasing Overwatch running on the Switch. Portable mode’s simulation showed off motion control – so this should wind up controlling like a dream with the Pro controller. This will be the first time the game will be made natively for a controller without analog triggers, and may wind up being a bit faster-paced than usual.

Overwatch is set to be the biggest third-party first-person shooter on the Switch. While the initial reveal trailer didn’t reveal a price, it is known that the Switch version will be the same Legendary Edition being sold for the other versions and it will cost $39.99 and can be pre-ordered at Best Buy now. It will not include a game card and will require a full game download – but will come with three months of Nintendo Switch online. Giving the game a retail presence on shelves is the only logical reason to not just make it digital-only, as an eShop-only release would be too much of a stealth release for something this big. Hopefully one day we’ll see publishers doing game card-less releases at least put in a micro SD card so the game can be downloaded without having to also buy one alongside a game. If Nintendo’s own game card costs are too high, then bundling in a micro SD card would be a middle ground to offering a version in stores and minimize costs since SD cards are pretty cheap to get nowadays.

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