Overwatch Unveils New Character Orisa

Overwatch’s newest character, Orisa, has been revealed. In a developer update from Overwatch’s game director Jeff Kaplan today, the developer detailed the new tank character becoming the 24th member of the Overwatch lineup.

Orisa, who is described as a, “central anchor of her team,” is a tank who can both defend using projectile shield as well as attack long range her with arm cannon. Her “Halt!” ability slows down nearby enemies and pulls them around corners while her ultimate is a buff to all teammates attack power in sight. Orisa is currently playable in the Overwatch PTR, although her wider release is not yet known. Check out her announcement video below.

In addition to the character’s announcement, Blizzard have also released an animated origin story short for Orisa, narratived by the robots creator the 11-year-old Numbani native Efi Oladele. You can check that video out below.