Overwatch’s Blizzard-World Update is Live

​The new Overwatch update is available now, which introduces a new Blizzard themed map, and a ton of new cosmetics.

The new map, called Blizzard World, is set up as a theme park full of Blizzard’s different IPs. Then, over one hundred new items, from skins to sprays and emotes, are available for purchase through loot boxes or unlockable in the Hero Gallery. A hype trailer for all of this was released earlier today. See it here:

But everyone knows that skins are what we’re here for, so check them all out here:

Carbon Fiber Zenyatta (Epic)

Barbarian Zarya (Legendary)

Nova Widowmaker (Legendary)

Magni Torbjörn (Legendary)

Peacock Symmetra (Epic)

Butcher Roadhog (Legendary)

Crusader Reinhardt (Legendary)

Hellfire Reaper (Epic)

Asp Pharah (Legendary)

Immortal Orisa (Legendary)

Ecopoint: Antarctica Mei (Legendary)

Royal McCree (Epic)

Capoeira Lucio (Legendary)

Caution Junkrat (Epic)

Kabuki Hanzo (Legendary)

Black Cat D.Va (Legendary)

Blackhand Doomfist (Legendary)

All of these updates are available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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