Owlboy to Receive Physical Release on PS4 and Switch This May

The announcement of critically acclaimed indie title Owlboy for console release was announced last November, set to release next week for Xbox One, PS4 and Switch. For those who like something physical though, the wait will be a little longer with the PS4 and Switch having a physical release date of May 29.

Owlboy follows the story of Otus, a mute owlboy who must fight his way through a series of death-defying levels and sky pirates to save his home and other owl-people friends. Owlboy was worked on for ten years before it’s release last year on PC and now that it’s coming to consoles there is no reason to pass up this fantastic title.

Owlboy will be available digitally on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch next week check out the trailer below or read our review: