Pac-Man Teams Up With Bud Light For Must-See Super Bowl Commercial

Bud Light’s “Up For Whatever” campaign has been absolutely bizarre since its inception that featured Don Cheadle and Arnold Schwarzenegger playing table tennis. We can’t exactly figure out what captivates us so much about them, but it’s hard to look away from the incredible rides Anheuser–Busch takes unsuspecting bar patrons on. But perhaps the best one yet will be airing during Super Bowl XLIX.

The commercial starts off like most of its ilk, with a seemingly random bar patron asking for a Bud Light, when he’s suddenly in return asked if he’s up for whatever. He understandably says yes and is then whisked away down the block where he finds a giant quarter lying on the ground in front of a giant coin door. Upon inserting the quarter into the coin door, it opens up and reveals a life-sized Pac-Man maze straight out of Tron (or Pac-Man Championship Edition DX). He then finds out that he is now Pac-Man and has to complete the maze as an amazing Pac-Man theme remix from DJ White Shadow is spun live in the background.

The Pac-Man maze is actually functioning, and suffice it to say it, our life won’t be complete until we experience it.

We know after watching the ad you’ll want to see everything to do with it, so check out the making of video below the ad and the full DJ White Shadow remix below that: