Paris Games Week: Sucker Punch Unveils New Game, Ghost of Tsushima

For the last couple of years, gamers everywhere were wondering just what that next step would be for Sucker Punch, one of PlayStation’s key developers. Would they finally release a new InFamous or Sly Cooper game, as lots of us were hoping for? As it turns out, Sucker Punch decided to…well, throw, a Sucker Punch, it seems, and deliver a brand new triple-A IP in the form of Ghost of Tsushima.

Set in 1274, the game has you fighting the Mongol Empire on the island of Tsushima, as one of the area’s last surviving samurai. And in order to defeat them and fight for the freedom of Japan, that means learning the way of the Ghost in order to strike back. No release date was announced yet, but it looks like an incredible action game indeed, as seen below, so stay tuned for more details on Ghost of Tsushima as they come in the future.