Phenomenal Overwatch Glitch Puts D.Va in Lúcioball

Is this easy mode?

If you thought that Lúcioball, Overwatch’s Rocket League-style soccer game featuring everyone’s favorite DJ was awesome, just wait until you see a glitch that’s been all the rage in the Overwatch community today. Players have found a bug that places D.Va smack dab in the middle of the pitch, though moving around seems to be a problem. Check out the footage below, which to someone who has been basically playing as a D.Va main since her buff is just the greatest.

This is definitely a bright spot during a pretty rough week for Blizzard’s outstanding first-person shooter. The Summer Games seasonal event was barely able to get underway before a DDOS attack took down the servers for hours, with ping spikes and connection issues still being reported to this day.

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