Pig Adventure ‘Pigsodus’ Greenlit

Indie developer Psilocybe Games has brought up a cure to a raging illness in today’s gaming climate – the sore lack of pigs. Pig lovers fear not for Pigsodus – a point-and-click adventure starring a pig – is just that cure.

Set in the Alaskan woods, Horace Oinkstein is a pig who must fight for survival. Chased and threatened by butchers, hunters, and wolves, he must save himself and his loved ones. In a world inspired by George Orwell’s Animal Farm, Pigsodus is a puzzle-filled journey for hope and salvation. Currently on Kickstarter and community greenlit on Steam, Pigsodus may be a surprising experience. Horace encounters different animals like a cow, a rooster, and a horse among others on his adventure.

See the Pigsodus trailer below. Pigsodus currently has a demo on PC and Mac accessible on its Kickstarter page.