Platforming Gets A Little Medieval in Castle of Heart

We’re always on the look out for side-scrolling platformers that stand out from the crowd, be it in gameplay or indeed visuals and no doubt developer 7Levels’ take on one of the more active genres of the past few years, will get many people’s attention, for differing reasons. Castle of Heart is a level-based, action-orientated platformer set against a more medieval and dark fantasy-style backdrop that, on top of its boss fights, houses around fifty different types of short-range and long-range weapons that the player can wield during their adventures. Of course, it would be very easy to draw comparisons with a similarly dark fantasy-based Action RPG…but we’ll leave that for the time being.

Players take control of a cursed knight whom, having been turned to stone by an evil sorcerer’s spell, is more than ready to fulfil his quest and prove that love and courage can conquer above all else. For now, you can check out a brief overview of Castle of Heart’s gameplay in the below trailer and be sure to keep an eye out as it releases exclusively for Nintendo Switch in Q1 this year.