Platinum Games Shows Off Sol Cresta, Announces Neo-Classic Arcade Series

The worst part of any April Fool’s Day is the part where companies unveil a joke game that we’d all like to actually see become a reality instead. For example, last year saw Platinum Games announce that they were teaming up with HAMSTER Corporation for Sol Cresta, a follow-up to the classic coin-op shooters Sol Cresta and Terra Cresta. Cue the sounds of disappointment from everyone actually hoping that Platinum Games would tackle such a title. Well, this April Fool’s Day saw a notable surprise when Platinum brought the joke back…except now they actually ARE making Sol Cresta a reality, and it was no longer a joke, as confirmed the day after.

As seen in the announcement trailer below, this final chapter of the Cresta Saga sees gameplay focused around the unique “docking” feature the series is known for, but now with a lot of improved graphical touches as well, all while maintaining that classic retro feeling. On top of this, Platinum also announced that this is the first entry in their new “Neo-Classic Arcade Series,” which will see other titles down the the line where “essential fun and spirit of classic games will be polished with modern technology and skill.” Given Platinum’s track record with satisfying action, it should be interesting to see where this retro-inspired route leads in the future. For now, though, we can look forward to Sol Cresta hitting the Switch, PC, and PS4 sometime later this year.

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