Pokemon Shares Fantastic Overview Trailer for Scarlet and Violet

As we’re just a little bit over a month away from release of the latest mainline Pokemon entries fans are always eager to see what else there is to offer in the first open-world Pokemon adventure. Fortunately we got all that and more in the latest trailer that goes over new mechanics, a brand new Pokemon reveal and more! The first up is the reveal that wild Terastal Pokemon can appear in the overworld with one of the 18 types attached to them, making them easily accessible outside of raids! We also get another look at the “Let’s Go!” feature which sends out a trainer’s companion Pokemon in order to battle or gather items nearby.

There’s a great look at the map players can use to navigate in addition to a very welcome destination marker, which will be helpful for Paldea’s open region setting. The new Pokemon we’ve gotten revealed is an evolution to the often forgotten Girafarig who evolves into the aptly named Farigiraf. It’s always a nice surprise to see an older Pokemon get a fresh start with a brand new evolution to boot. Finally the trailer gives us a closer look at character customization, which has seen huge improvements from previous entries based on the footage we got today.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launch on November 18. Check out the latest trailer for all the information and more: