Pokémon Sun and Moon Shows Off New Pokémon in Latest Trailer

Today, fans received even more news on the upcoming seventh generation of the Pokémon series. Information came in about the previously revealed Pokémon along with some new faces.

A trilobite-looking Pokémon, Wimpod, is revealed to be a Bug/Water-type. Its description describes it as very cowardly. Even its ability, Wimp Out, allows it to switch out or run away automatically in battle. Hopefully you’ll be able to catch one before it gets away.

We’re getting a mangosteen-looking cutie which is a Grass-type named Bounsweet. It can calm people and Pokémon with its sweet smelling aroma. The downside to being a Bounsweet is that it accidentally gets mistaken for food and has to bounce away from danger. We can expect a lot of Aromatherapy work from this Pokémon.

Comfey is a Fairy-type Pokémon based on a Hawaiian lei. It goes around picking out beautiful flowers and emits a wondrous fragrance. Its new ability, Triage, allows healing moves to have the priority in battle. So far it has the makings of a great ally and should come in handy.

Mudsdale is the latest horse Pokémon who really shows off its kicks. It is a Ground-type with powerful strength and strong willpower. Even its new Stamina ability gives it more defense whenever it’s attacked. It will really turn into a powerhouse of a Pokémon.

We also got to see more battling footage for previously revealed Rockruff, Komala, and the two Pokémon leaked last week. Mimikyu uses its Disguise ability to avoid damage just once before its Pikachu-covering becomes ineffective. Bewear is a silly pun for the huge creature. Its Fluffy ability halves damage from physical attacks but doubles its weakness to Fire-type moves. See more of the English translations on the official website. The variety of new Pokémon is making the Alola region such an exciting place to journey.

The English trailer also shows off the ability to hyper train your team. It will help max out your stats in a hurry, even if you’re at level 100. Then, take part in your own tournaments via the Global Link. The rules have not yet been revealed but it is going to make the games even more competitive.

Check out both trailers below and all the new Pokémon.