Polar Survival Game The Pale Beyond Receives February Release Date

How well do you think you would fare as the Captain on a ship? Okay, what about one traveling in extreme cold? Alright, what if there was part where you wound up stuck in the ice, and you suddenly had to care for two passengers and a dozen sled dogs? There, that’s the brutal scenario being presented by The Pale Beyond, the new narrative survival game from Bellular Games and publishers Fellow Traveller. And appropriate enough for what is still a rather chilly season, the game now has a release date for next month, as seen in the launch trailer below.

The game sees players aboard The Temperance, a vessel out looking for its sister ship that disappeared during a polar expedition. Things take a turn for the worse when the boat gets stuck in the ice, and only get more worse when the Captain mysteriously disappears, suddenly leaving you in charge when voted in as the new Captain by your fellow crew members. So now it’s time to make some touch choices, those that could mean the difference between keeping some folks safe and warm and others disloyal or even dead. Inspired by the real-life Antarctic expedition of Ernest Shackleton, The Pale Beyond looks like it could potentially be a precious gem hidden in a harsh blizzard, so keep an eye out for it when it arrives for the PC on February 24.