Power Drive 2000 Getting Track Editor to Go With New Pair of Trailers

Somehow it’s been a year since Power Drive 2000’s Kickstarter came to an end and development has been ticking along quietly ever since.  A new update was posted today detailing what’s been going on behind the scenes, and it’s filled with plenty of information as to why things have been so quiet.  The initial scope of the game grew significantly since the positive response to the Kickstarter pitch, causing the planned May 2016 release date to blow on by without even a beta.  It’s the pitfall of a successful Kickstarter that many games have run into, but the results on the games that successfully expand their scope are always worth the extra months of waiting.  In the case of Power Drive 2000, the additions are ten selectable cars instead of the initial planned-on single vehicle,  a track editor, plus a number of hinted-at but undefined features.  The initial plan called for a set of tracks without any editor just to keep the workload manageable, but why stick with the simple when you can make your life as difficult as possible instead?  It’s promised that anything in the final game can be done using the editor, although the update doesn’t promise it will be easy.

The other big news is a pair of new videos showing off the menus, a handful of cars, and a shiny new city environment.  A couple of the new cars look very familiar, as if influenced in some fashion by movies and tv of the era, but it’s probably a non-copyright-infringing coincidence.  The cityscape itself looks very nice, and I’m particularly fond of the clear blue sections of track and that giant floating polygonal head near the end of the race.  The neon-techno future 80s style was Power Drive 2000’s big selling point, and while the game’s release date is still undetermined it’s great to see it nailing its look so completely.