Press Play Reforms as Lightbulb Games, Announces Pioneers

Earlier this year, Microsoft closed down Press Play Studios, the Copenhagen-based group of indie developers responsible for such games as Kalimba and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. This news was overshadowed by the additional closure of Lionhead Studios, as you can see, but it was still a tragic loss indeed. However, not ones to be deterred, the veterans of Press Play have now gone and formed a new indie game studio, Lightbulb Games, announcing their new game Pioneers in the process.

As seen in the brief teaser below, Pioneers is a game about exploration where you build vehicles out of various kinds of blocks in order to find new ways to travel around and become the best Pioneer in the universe. If it looks a tad familiar, that’s because it was previously known as Karoo when Press Play originally invited players to vote last year on what the next game they develop would be. The other candidates were the first-person co-op fantasy game Dwarka, and the third-person multiplayer survival game Knoxville. Knoxville ended up winning, although the game’s development was shuttered along with the studio’s closure. Whether or not Lightbulb will be eventually working on those games as well has yet to be mentioned.

At the moment, Pioneers is due out just for the PC, and no current release window has been mentioned yet. Hopefully this helps serve as a resurrection for Press Play, as it does look like a promising game. Lightbulb Games is also hiring now, as seen on their website, so if you want to help with this resurrection, you should definitely check it out.

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  1. I will play the hell out of it if it’s essentially a bigger, more open and even more creative Banjo: Nuts & Bolts. 🙂

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