‘Prey for the Gods’ PS4 Trailer Released

Three-person studios, No Matter Studios, has developed a game that exemplifies the core gameplay and storytelling mechanics of Shadow of the Colossus while simultaneously creating something completely new.  Prey for the Gods is an upcoming action survival game where you need to climb, explore, and destroy the Gods that roam the lands in order to survive the frozen tundra of a desolate island.  Similar to Team ICO games, Prey for the Gods will not follow a narrative told through extended cut scenes or intense dialogue structures, but rather through murals, statues, and ruins that can be found throughout the land.  The studio wants to focus more on showing the player the story rather than telling it to them.

The newest trailer for the game depicts the protagonist fighting a fantastic flying beast, grappling onto it with a grappling hook and attempting to climb it.  This shows the probability of several incredible monsters that require different means of battle to defeat and giving players the different tools to do so, something that Shadow of the Colossus didn’t offer.

Hopefully, there will be more information on the monsters and weapons once the release date is disclosed.

Check out the trailer below: