Psychonauts 2 Drops New Story Trailer Ahead of Release

The day is finally coming. After fifteen years of waiting, Psychonauts 2 is finally set to come out in just over a month. The first hands-on previews are even coming in, and they all point to something that should hopefully be more than worth the wait. But outside of more platforming goodness, what exactly were we waiting for in terms of plot? Well, that’s what the brand new story trailer is for, which you can check out below. Needless to say, it looks like Whispering Rock was only a mere taste of a Psychonaut’s entire universe.

As you can see, Raz is going to have a rather eventful first day as a Psychonaut. The organization’s leader is comatose following their kidnapping, there’s a mole within their ranks, there are folks seemingly trying to resurrect a deceased psychic murderer known as Maligula, it looks like secrets about the Psychonauts will be uncovered, his family of acrobats shows up and they may have connections to things, and also, there’s a whale at one point. And that’s all before getting into the new sets of insane mental worlds that we’re given a taste of.

Alongside the new trailer, Double Fine also revealed a new enemy, Enablers, who boost the powers of other nearby enemies, and a new psychic ability, Projection, which creates a doodle of Raz that can be used as a distraction or a way to solve certain puzzles. So it looks like Psychonauts 2 is definitely doing all it can to expand upon the already beloved original game, and we’ll see just how well of a job it does with that expansion when Psychonauts 2 arrives for PC, XSX, XB1, and PS4 on August 25.