Punch Your Friends in the Face in Unspottable on Nintendo Switch

Developer GrosChevaux announced today that the Steam party game Unspottable is now coming to Switch on January 21st. The competitive couch party game sees players running around from a top-down perspective, each controlling an identical… person? It’s person-shaped, anyway, with essentially just two eyeballs for a head. The stage is filled with other eyeball-people, all running around, punching each other. The goal is to determine which of the others is another player, and the primary means by which players can determine this is to punch, which sends them sprawling to the ground, removing the deceptive cloak that conceals their true robotic identity.

The game’s 12 environments also include spotlights that will reveal the true identity of a character, falling bombs and other environmental hazards, sidequests, and more. You can see some delightful-looking gameplay footage here, and the Steam trailer for the game is below. In addition to seeing release for the Switch, it will be coming the same day for Xbox One, and has been announced as “coming soon” for the PlayStation 4.