Ragnarock Hammers its Way Out of Early Access

The simplest tools are the usually the most complicated to master.  A knife is a wedge of metal with a sharp side while a guitar is a hollow box with strings across the top, and people take decades honing their skills.  That’s a little reductive, sure, but the point is that the simplicity of a device tends to be inversely proportional to the complexity of using it well.  Drums are no different, being little more than a hollow cylinder with a taut covering that you hit with a stick, but mastering complex beats is never going to be a simple task.  In Ragnarock you get to be a VR Viking beating the ship’s drums to get your oarsmen rowing their hearts out, racing through the frigid waters from home shores all the way to the gates of Valhalla.  The music runes fly down the track in standard rhythm-gaming style, and you need to beat the four drum heads in time to pound out the music.

Ragnarock has been in Early Access for about seven months now, adding new songs to a Viking-appropriate soundtrack that’s grown to its current thirty-song list.  Today’s release sees it graduate from Steam Early Access, but there’s also a Quest 2 version on the way in “a couple of days”.  Pounding on drums is always a good time and while VR may lack the feedback of beating on the Rock Band drums it makes up for it with a hardware solution that’s actually possible to acquire.  Throw in a killer Viking theme, unique soundtrack with multiple difficulty levels, and some fantastic environments and Ragnarock promises to be a drumming game to let you pound its heavy rhythms for the glory of Valhalla.