Raw Fury Recaps All of Their December Reveals

In case you didn’t hear, this was a big month for indie publishers Raw Fury Games, having revealed five new games and release windows for two others. And as they wrap up what they have now dubbed their “Rawcember” celebration, the company decided to celebrate it in the best way they could: By hiring Morgan Freeman (well, a Morgan Freeman impersonator, anyway) to recap all of their major announcements in a new video.

The clip can be watched below in all of its Freeman-y goodness, but for those of you unable to view it right now, here’s all you need to know when it comes to the reveals:

Bad North, a viking-themed RTS game, is being developed by Plausible Concept.

Night Call, a noir detective mystery set in Paris, is being developed by Monkey Moon and BlackMuffin Studio.

Atomicrops, a post-apocalyptic farming/action game is being developed by Toby Dixon and Danny Wynne.

Whispers of a Machine, a sci-fi old-school graphic adventure game, is being developed by Clifftop Games and Faravid Interactive.

Project Sable, a still-mysterious title with a focus on exploration, is being developed by Shedworks.

– Kingdom: New Lands will be coming to the PS4 on January 16 (with free Skull Island DLC available now for the game).

Dandara, the gravity-defying metroidvania game, will be out this February for all major platforms.

That’s not even mentioning the video showcasing the making of The Last Night’s E3 trailer, or the recent $600,000 gained from major new investors. So the future looks particularly bright for Raw Fury…well, assuming the games still turn out to be excellent. Thankfully, it looks like we won’t have to worry about that.